About Us

Since 2000, Safe Consulting has delivered quality and service to the offshore and corporate markets.

Safe Consulting has been a trusted Supermicro system integrator for two decades, with a focus on the offshore and industrial sectors. In recent years, we have expanded our services to other industries and IT companies. With a proven track record and reputation for exceptional customer service, Safe Consulting has been delivering advanced IT solutions from Supermicro and other brands since 2001. We also specialize in the development, design, and production of electronics and offer extended testing and certification services for servers in challenging environments. We have access to both EMC and climate chamber testing capabilities, allowing us to conduct cost-effective pre-tests. If you need customized PCs, we can modify existing motherboards or PCs to meet your specific needs.

Safe Consulting AS is part of the Safe Group which consists of the following companies:

  • Safe Consulting AS consists of the following departments:
    • Server and computer technology for offshore, industry, cloud and data centers.
    • The electronics department works with the design and production of electronics and circuit boards. We also develop firmware for various microcontrollers.  
    • The software department works, among other things, with the development of IT solutions, graphic design, web design and programming.
    • Our Odoo Team works with integration and software development on the Odoo ERP platform. 
  • Safe Computing AS has been a provider of data center and hosting services for over two decades. With hands-on experience as an end user of our server solutions, we are equipped to offer expert product recommendations based on our own experiences. Additionally, we host Odoo ERP in our cloud for our customers, further demonstrating our proficiency in the industry.
  • CI Installasjon AS, Authorized electrical installer who performs installation of our solutions.
  • Safe Management AS boasts a dedicated team of skilled technicians who assemble and construct the company's products and solutions.
  • Safe Bil AS, commonly known as megahjul.com, is a leading provider of wheels, tires, and rims with locations in Oslo and Fredrikstad. Safe Consulting takes care of the IT development for Safe Bil, delivering innovative solutions such as the world's most advanced tire and rim configurator, based on Xcylon™.
  • Additionally, we own a portfolio of real estate firms that manage properties and lease out commercial spaces.

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