Supermicro X13 Server Product Family Overview

The Supermicro X13 product line features over 200 servers and storage systems, all optimized for the latest features and capabilities of the 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors. The product line is divided into the following families.

Supermicro X13 Server Rack
Supermicro X13 Universal GPU Systems

X13 Universal GPU Systems

Multi-Architecture Flexibility for AI/Deep Learning and HPC

The Supermicro X13 Universal GPU systems are engineered to handle even the most challenging AI, Deep Learning, and HPC workloads. They are optimized for maximum versatility and can accommodate a range of industry-standard GPUs, including OAM, SXM5, and PCIe from Intel, NVIDIA, and other leading industry partners.

Supermicro X13 PCIe GPU Systems

X13 PCIe GPU Systems

Maximum Flexibility for AI, 3D Simulation and Metaverse

The Supermicro X13 PCIe GPU systems are designed to handle the cutting-edge demands of HPC, action-driven AI, 3D simulation, and sophisticated graphic design and rendering. They support up to 10 state-of-the-art accelerators in either a 4U or 5U rackmount chassis, delivering optimized performance for the next generation of computing needs.

Supermicro X13 Hyper Systems

X13 Hyper Systems

Best-in-class Performance and Flexibility Rackmount Server

The X13 Hyper, a new addition to Supermicro's rackmount server lineup, delivers top-notch performance for the most challenging workloads. It offers storage and I/O versatility, making it easily customizable for a wide array of applications. This server boasts up to 3 PCIe 5.0 slots in 1U or 8 slots in 2U, providing ample space for GPUs and other add-on cards.

Supermicro X13 SuperBlade Systems

X13 SuperBlade® Systems

Ultra High-Density Multi-Node Systems for Enterprise, Cloud, HPC and AI Applications

The HPC platform from Supermicro delivers the highest density and unmatched versatility. It can accommodate up to 20 single-width UP or DP blades within an 8U enclosure, providing shared power, cooling, and networking for optimized efficiency. Additionally, liquid cooling options are available for unparalleled performance.

Supermicro X13 BigTwin Systems

X13 BigTwin® Systems

Industry-leading 2U Multi-node Architecture

The X13 BigTwin® systems from Supermicro are designed to deliver exceptional performance and easy maintenance in a multi-node setup. Each node is equipped with two 4th Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and features a convenient, hot-swappable design that requires no tools. You have the option to choose between configurations that are optimized for density (2U4N) or storage (2U2N), and you can even go for liquid cooling for the best performance possible.

Supermicro X13 GrandTwin Systems

X13 GrandTwin™ Systems

Multi-Node Architecture Optimized for Single-Processor Performance

The X13 GrandTwin™ is perfect for cloud and media delivery workloads in tight spaces. It features front-serviceable, hot-swappable nodes for easy maintenance and front or rear I/O options for effortless installation. This system boasts a highly modular design and resource-saving architecture, making it both energy-efficient and environmentally friendly by reducing power consumption and waste.

Supermicro X13 FatTwin Systems

X13 FatTwin® Systems

Advanced Multi-node 4U Twin Architecture with 4 or 8 Nodes

Supermicro X13 FatTwin® systems are designed to offer top-notch performance while also being budget-friendly. They are ideal for use in virtualization and EDA applications. These systems have single processor nodes that can be serviced from the front, and they can hold up to six drives, making them incredibly space-efficient. Additionally, Supermicro has implemented its Resource Saving Architecture, which allows for shared power usage, further reducing the overall cost of ownership and environmental impact.

Supermicro X13 CloudDC Systems

X13 CloudDC Systems

Single or Dual Processor All-in-one Rackmount Platform for Cloud Data Centers

The X13 CloudDC line of products comes in both single and dual processor configurations, making it possible to have high memory and storage capacity in just one rack-mounted case. These systems also have the ability to hold up to six PCIe 5.0 slots, which are perfect for accommodating GPUs to support AI processes at the edge. One of the standout features of these systems is the tool-less design of the brackets and the hot-swap drive trays, making maintenance and service in the data center a breeze.

Supermicro X13 WIO Systems

X13 WIO Systems

Single Processor Platform Optimized for Maximum I/O Flexibility

The X13 WIO systems from Supermicro offer a broad selection of input/output options, so you can choose the perfect system to meet your specific needs. Additionally, the newly designed top-loading expansion slots allow for the use of double-width GPUs, which can greatly improve the speed of AI and machine learning workloads.

Supermicro X13 Multi-Processor Systems

X13 Multi-Processor Systems

Maximum Memory Footprint for Enterprise Applications

The X13 multi-processor systems from Supermicro represent a major leap forward in terms of performance and versatility for running essential business workloads. With the ability to house up to 8 processors in just one rack-mounted system, these systems deliver unmatched core and memory density, making them ideal for running large databases and in-memory computing applications.

Supermicro X13 Hyper-E Systems

X13 Hyper-E Systems

Best-in-class Performance and Flexibility for Edge Data Centers

Supermicro's X13 multi-processor systems are a game-changer when it comes to handling important business workloads. They offer a lot of power in a compact form factor, with the capacity to include up to 8 processors in a single rack-mounted setup. This gives these systems an unprecedented level of computing power and memory density, which makes them perfect for running large databases and memory-intensive computing tasks.

Supermicro X13 SuperEdge Systems

X13 SuperEdge Systems

High-Density Computing and Flexibility at the Intelligent Edge

The X13 SuperEdge is a compact and versatile solution, offering 3 single-processor nodes that can be customized to meet your specific requirements. This system is housed in a 2U form factor that is shallow in depth, making it ideal for deployment in remote locations for IoT, edge computing, or telecommunications applications. The nodes are designed for hot-swapping and can be accessed from the front for easy maintenance, and each node has three PCIe 5.0 slots, allowing for a variety of add-on cards to be used.

Supermicro X13 5G/Edge Systems

X13 5G/Edge Systems

Compact and Short-depth Rackmount Systems for Telco Edge Deployments

The X13 5G and Edge systems are specifically designed to meet the demands of multi-access edge computing, flex-RAN/Open RAN, and outdoor 5G edge applications. These systems offer advanced input/output capabilities and efficient device-to-device communications, all while using minimal space and power. Additionally, they offer firmware customization, upgrades to the bill of materials, and support for a broad array of traditional input/output options. This combination of features makes the X13 5G and Edge systems an optimal choice for edge computing applications.

Supermicro X13 All-Flash EDSFF Systems

X13 All-Flash EDSFF Systems

Revolutionary Petascale NVMe for Unprecedented Density and Capacity

The X13 storage systems provide unparalleled density, performance, and low latency, making them the ideal solution for data-intensive workloads, including critical databases, virtualization, big data processing, high-performance computing, media and entertainment, content distribution, and high-speed caching. They feature industry-standard EDSFF drives, ensuring maximum compatibility and reliability for your most demanding applications.

Supermicro X13 Workstations

X13 Workstations

Data Center Power at the desktop

The X13 workstations from Supermicro bring the power of data center processing to your desktop computer, making them perfect for running demanding applications like AI, simulations, metaverse/Omniverse, and 3D media. These workstations have the ability to support up to 4 double-width GPUs and come equipped with enhanced cooling systems that deliver maximum performance while minimizing noise. This combination of features makes the X13 workstations a top choice for anyone in need of a high-performance desktop computer for demanding tasks.

The Advantage of Supermicro X13 Servers

Supermicro's Building Block Solutions® and first-to-market advantage allow them to deliver optimized systems for AI, Cloud, and 5G Edge workloads.

Performance Optimization: The systems have enhanced thermal capacity to support high-performing CPUs and GPUs and support for the latest industry technologies including PCIe 5.0, DDR5, CXL 1.1, and high-bandwidth memory.

Energy Efficiency: The systems are designed for optimal airflow to operate in high-temperature data center environments up to 40°C, and have optional rack-scale liquid cooling solutions and energy-efficient power supplies.

Improved Security and Manageability: The systems comply with industry standards for hardware and silicon Root of Trust, have cryptographic attestation of components throughout the supply chain, and provide comprehensive remote management capabilities.

The Supermicro X13 is designed to meet the demands of various workloads

  • Cloud - The X13 provides optimized products for different cloud workloads, including storage and networking, to ensure cost-effective and productive data centers.

  • 5G/Telco - The X13 provides significantly more computing power per watt with reduced cooling requirements, making it suitable for fast CPUs in 5G networks.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) - The X13 servers, with the ability to house up to 10 GPUs in a 4U rack height, excel at AI applications for faster training and inference.

  • High-Performance Computing (HPC) - The X13 provides fast cores, large amounts of memory, and fast networking, making it suitable for enterprises that use HPC systems for product development and research.

  • Big-Data Analysis - The X13 has the capability to access, analyze, and present large amounts of structured and unstructured data, making it suitable for big-data analysis.

  • Streaming and Content Delivery - With fast CPUs and communication channels from storage devices, the X13 is ideal for delivering video to end users in real-time.

  • Virtualization - The X13, with 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, provides higher-powered virtualization machines with more cores and faster CPUs.

  • Enterprise - The X13 provides increased performance and reduced costs for typical enterprise workloads and existing workloads will execute faster with less power.

4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processor

The 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors build upon the advancements of the 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors and add new features, including:

  • 50% More cores: Maximum of 60 cores compared to 40 cores in the 3rd  Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors 

  • Faster communication: PCIe 5.0 is 2X faster and uses more lanes than the maximum PCIe available in previous Intel CPU generations 

  • Memory  performance:  The  new  Intel  processors  can  utilize  DDR5-4800MHz  memory,  50%  faster  than  previous generations. 

  • Faster communication between CPUs: More and faster Ultra Path Interconnects are available with the 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor than the 3rd  Gen Intel Xeon capable processors 

  • Accelerators built into the CPU that speed up specific workloads

    • Intel®  Advanced  Matrix  Extensions  (Intel®  AMX)  –  Up  to  8X  performance  increase  in  matrix  multiply microbenchmarks 

    • Intel® Data Streaming Accelerator (Intel® DSA)– up to 2.5X improvement in data movement performance 

    • Intel® QuickAssist Technology (Intel® QAT) – up to 98% core workload capacity for encryption and related workloads 

    • Intel® vRAN Boost – Reduces vRAN power consumption by up to 20% 

    • Intel® Dynamic Load Balancer (Intel® DLB) – Improve the system performance related to handling network data on multi-core Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.  

    • Intel In-Memory Analytics Accelerator (Intel® IAA) - Faster queries and resource utilization for more efficient business decision making 

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