Why you should buy your Supermicro servers from Safe Consulting

Technology and quality oriented company

Safe Consulting is a technology company. We don't just "push boxes". We help our customers to find the best solutions for their projects. Sometimes we even develop new products to fulfill our customer's need. Other times we modify existing products, or arrange OEM production.

We have through the last two decades been a major vendor and technology partner for the offshore industry. Through all these years we have shown that we are a company that can be trusted even for the most mission critical installations in the world.

As an ISO-9001 certified company, we focus on quality in everything we do. We have excellent management system that is fully integrated into our ERP system. A good internal system allows us to run our company very efficient, and are therefor often able to offer even better prices than the distributors and simultaneously be a technology partner to our customers.

Our sister company, that we work closely together with, has been running a data center for more than two decades. This means that we are also a user of the technology we sell. We have first hand experience on both hardware and software. This is very valuable when we are recommending solutions for our customers.

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Safe Consulting FAQ


  • Do you have a configurator where I can get an instant quote?

    • We decided to remove it because the complexity of most of the servers we now sell are at a whole new level than earlier. All systems we deliver have to be approved by Supermicro, to make sure they will work as intended. However we run all configurations through an internal configurator that Supermicro offer it's partners, to make sure that we sell a system that are certified to work. This configurator is complex and is continually maintained by Supermicro's product experts. Trying to to replicate this configurator to our customer will be an impossible task. By doing it this way, we make sure that our customers don't end up with non-certified solutions.

  • How can I get a quote?

    • Send us an email at info@safeconsulting.no, fill out the contact form or just call us on +4769949200. We promise to get back to you very quickly. Also if you already got a quote from a competitor, just send us the list of part numbers, and we will get back to you with a quote. We speak Norwegian and English, so please communicate in your preferred language.