Unleashing the Power of the 3rd Generation Intel Scalable CPUs

Empowering High-Performance Computing: Unleashing the Potential of the 3rd Generation Intel Scalable CPUs.

6 April, 2021 by
Unleashing the Power of the 3rd Generation Intel Scalable CPUs
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The 3rd Generation Intel Scalable CPUs, also known as Ice Lake, are the latest generation of Intel Xeon processors that offer improved performance, advanced AI and analytics capabilities, and enhanced security features. These processors are designed for the data center, cloud, and edge computing environments, providing advanced performance and flexibility for various workloads.

One of the key features of the 3rd Gen Intel Scalable CPUs is their support for AI and deep learning, enabling organizations to extract insights from massive amounts of data in real-time. The processors have integrated AI acceleration and support for hardware-accelerated neural networks, making it easier and faster for organizations to implement AI solutions.

The 3rd Gen Intel Scalable CPUs also provide enhanced security features, such as hardware-based security features like Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Secure Key. Additionally, the processors have hardware-based memory protection, making it more difficult for malicious actors to access sensitive data stored in memory.

In terms of performance, the 3rd Gen Intel Scalable CPUs offer improved performance compared to previous generations, thanks to their increased core count, support for faster memory, and improved clock speeds. The processors also support Intel Turbo Boost Technology, which provides automatic performance gains when the system is operating below power, temperature, and current limits.

Overall, the 3rd Gen Intel Scalable CPUs are ideal for organizations looking to deploy high-performance, secure, and flexible IT infrastructure. With their advanced capabilities, organizations can better manage their workloads, extract insights from their data, and stay ahead of the curve with AI and analytics.

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